Bringing the Garden Back to Life

Spring Break is the time we start looking at our neglected garden. We clear our raised beds in the fall, but pretty much ignore the garden for the rest of the winter.  By March we are itching to see green things and have life growing around us. 



Our yard is a mess...

After some significant hail damage last year, parts of our yard were off limits (roofing, broken windows) for a large part of the summer.

This spring K and I decided to tackle the very beginning of our garden. Together we cleared our perennial herb bed. Our dill was spectacular last year, and we hadn't cleared the stalks after letting them drop their seeds (I can't resist volunteer herbs!). Usually wait to clear dill until after the seeds develop because they are the best for making pickles. I just use the green stuff to make the jars look pretty. 

In clearing this bed, we found our rhubarb and mint starting to come up!


We then planted some Swiss Chard seeds in this bed, and started some herbs and other veggies in pots to start inside while it's still cold.  I can't help but try to cheat and get bigger plants right at the beginning of the season.  February and March make me incredibly homesick for California, since it's full spring there and here in Colorado everything is still brown and dead. Having bigger plants to put out on Mother's day makes me feel like I'm pulling a fast one on long winters.


Chris Rasay